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Best presentation awards in WGP5

Congratulations to our group members Dr. Chara Alexiou and Mr. Manolis Skountzos for receiving Presentation Awards at the 5th WPG held in Patras, November 6 2019.

Dr. Chara Alexiou, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, received the Best Poster Award in Biosciences and Biotechnology at WGP5 for her work titled “Computational investigation of the conformation and diffusion of small circular and linear DNA molecules ain dilute solution through atomistic molecular dynamins” with Mr. Panos Alatas and Dr. D. Tsalikis.

Mr. Manolis Skountzos, PhD candidate, received the Best Oral Presentation Award in Nanotechnology/Advanced Materials at WGP5 for his work “Atomistic simulations combined with advanced modelling for the prediction of the microscopic dynamics of polymer nanocomposites” with Dr D. Tsalikis and Assist. Prof. Pavlos Stephanou.

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