Books writen

  1. V.G. Mavrantzas, Statistical Thermodynamics (in Greek), book for the course on “Physical Chemistry”, Studies in Natural Sciences, Hellenic Open University, Patras, 2001.
  2. D. N. Theodorou, V.G. Mavrantzas, Multi-scale Modelling of Polymers, Oxford Univ. Press, Oxford (UK), 2010 (in preparation). So far, we have written 8 out of the following 11 chapters:

      Chapter 1: Models for polymer chains

      Chapter 2: From electronic structure calculations to classical force fields

      Chapter 3: Molecular Mechanics

      Chapter 4: Molecular Dynamics

      Chapter 5: Monte Carlo

      Chapter 6: Techniques for the Analysis and Simulation of Infrequent Events

      Chapter 7: Coarse-graining

      Chapter 8: Entanglement network-based simulations of deformation and flow

      Chapter 9: Field theoretic approaches to polymer and copolymer systems

      Chapter 10: Dissipative Particle Dynamics

      Chapter 11: Introduction to Beyond-Equilibrium Thermodynamics