LSTM GROUP:  Dr. Dimitris Tsalikis

Senior Lecturer

Research summary

Dimitris’ scientific interests lie in the multiscale modeling of complex materials. More specifically in the LSTM group his work focuses on the investigation of the particular dynamical and rheological behavior of ring polymers. To this he conducts massively parallel atomistic simulations and develops novel geometrical methodologies to unveil the molecular mechanisms associated with their unique behavior. He also works on polymer nanocomposites of industrial interest to bridge the huge gap in time and length scales between motion of polymer segments and flow in processing equipment. Dimitris is involved in the simulation of microcrystalline silicon thin film growth using plasma-enhanced CVD.


  • 2009:   Ph.D., School of Chemical Engineering, National Technical University of Athens
  • 2004:    Diploma in Chemical Engineering, University of Patras

Research experience

  • 2011 – present:   Post-doctoral research fellow, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Patras
  • 2005-2009:          PhD studies, thesis “Computational study of structural relaxation and plastic deformation in glassy polymers”, supervided by Prof. Doros N. Theodorou 


  • Best Poster Award, 11th Hellenic Polymer Society International Conference POLYCONF11, Heraklion, Greece (2016)
  • Best Poster Award, 2nd Workshop of Graduates and Post-Docs in Chemical Engineering Sciences (CES-WGP2), FORTH-ICE/HT, Patras, Greece (2016)
  • PRACE DECI-12 Award: Allocation of 1.500.000 CPU hours by PRACE (2014)
  • LinkSCEEM fellowship: Fellowship to attend Second LinkSCEEM General User Meeting organized by The Cyprus Institute in Nicosia, Cyprus (2012)
  • PRACE DECI-9 Award: Allocation of 7.200.000 CPU hours by PRACE (2012)
  • HPC Europa 2: Financial support for research visit in Barcelona Supercomputing Centre Barcelona, Spain (2009)
  • HPC Europa++: Financial support for research visit in CINECA Supercomputing Centre Bologna, Italy (2008)
  • Marie Curie Action to attend “School on Understanding Molecular Simulations”, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2008)
  • HPC Europa: Financial support for research visit in CINECA Supercomputing Center Bologna, Italy (2007). 

Professional activities

  • Reviewer for Soft Matter  and Plasma Process and Polymers
  • American Chemical Society, regular fellow
  • PRACE Expert