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Postdoctoral Position at the Department of Chemical Engineering, Cyprus University of Technology

Postdoctoral Position in the Field of Non-equilibrium thermodynamics modeling
Department of Chemical Engineering, Cyprus University of Technology
Limassol, Cyprus

A postdoctoral opportunity starting January 2021 is available to join the newly founded Thermodynamics and Transport Phenomena Laboratory (T2PL) of the Department of Chemical Engineering at the Cyprus University of Technology, which aims to elaborate as to whether non-equilibrium thermodynamic formulations can be adopted to account for an antisymmetric stress contribution to the stress tensor known as couple stress. Such a contribution is expected to be important in the case of polymeric fluids and particle suspensions. Couple stress theory is found to be quite useful in the description of various types of lubricants, blood, and polymeric suspensions, and has thus far been utilized in many biomedical applications, such as blood flow in the microcirculation, pulsatile systolic hemodynamics, and even swimming of microscopic organism in micro-continuum fluids

This project involves the use of non-equilibrium thermodynamics formulations such as the Generalized Bracket and GENERIC ones. The main task of the project, as mentioned above, is to use one or both of these formulations to elaborate how the couple stress can be incorporated in these formulations.

In addition to the afore-mentioned task, a successful candidate will have ample opportunity to engage in soft materials and complex fluids research on both collaborative and independent projects. Applicants should prepare a statement of research interests that specifically highlights how you may utilize non-equilibrium thermodynamics in the course of your research.

Successful candidates will have a PhD in Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Chemistry or related fields. Experience with modeling complex fluids and/or the use of non-equilibrium thermodynamics is required.

To apply please send an electronic copy of your resume, references and brief research statement (not to exceed one page) to:

Dr Pavlos S. Stephanou

Assistant Professor

Thermodynamics and Transport Phenomena Laboratory (T2PL)

Department of Chemical Engineering

Cyprus University of Technology

Corner of Athinon and Anexartisias, 57

3036 Limassol, CYPRUS

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