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Opportunities for recent PhDs in Princeton

We are in the midst of our annual search for postdoctoral fellows, both theorists and experimentalists, interested in the physics of biological systems.

Our efforts at building an interactive and collaborative environment have been invigorated by the establishment of the Center for the Physics of Biological Function,, a joint effort between Princeton University and The Graduate Center of the City University of New York. We are a group of fourteen faculty working on problems across the full range of biological organization, from single molecules to groups of organisms, united by our search for common physical principles underlying the beautiful phenomena of life.

Center Fellows are an essential part of our intellectual community, and will have the flexibility to initiate and pursue projects that span the interests of multiple faculty mentors. We have a particularly strong culture of theory/experiment collaboration, and individual Fellows often have played key roles in developing these collaborations. Successful fellows have come both from PhDs in biological physics and from more traditional areas of physics; some have had as many as four different faculty co-authors during their time with us, while some have written papers only with other postdocs and students.

We ask your help in bringing this opportunity to the attention of your young colleagues. Applications must be made via We plan to start reading applications by 15 September and interview a first group of candidates on 11-12 October, so we hope that interested candidates will act quickly. Start dates as early as February 2019 are possible, and we expect all new Fellows to join us by Fall 2019.

With thanks for your help, and best wishes,

Bill & Josh

William Bialek and Joshua Shaevitz
Directors, Center for the Physics of Biological Function

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